Xtomp handbook



Copy messages across a cluster of xtomp servers.


  • There is no attempt to prevent message loss in the case of server failures. However the connectors will all attempt to reconnect if the underlying net.Socket is closed.
  • The cluster of servers should have identical configuration.
  • Only topics are copied.

xtomp-bridge reads the xtomp.conf file to find the local port and the list of destinations to send to. It will subscribe to any destination with maxconnections > 1 and copy the messages to the other servers defined in _xtomp-bridge-config.js

In theory you could use xtomö-brige to brige topics on an STOMP compatible server, provided you genreate a compatible xtomp.conf and match up the destination config.


  • setup /etc/xtomp-bridge-config.js
  • setup /etc/xtomp.conf the same on various servers
  • make sure every host has the same names in /etc/hosts or DNS
  • start xtomp on all the servers


node bridge

by teknopaul