Xtomp handbook


Error messages returned by xtomp broker.

Server errors

general - A general server side error, for example, running out of memory.

q flup - The queue of messages for a given destination is full. This limit is configured in xtomp.conf.

hdr flup - The message has more headers that the configured maximum, this is a compile time limit of 5 in addition to the headers required by STOMP protocol for each message type.

dest flup - Maximum number of concurrent subscribers to a queue or topic is reached.

subs flup - Maximum number of concurrent subscriptions from one TCP connection reached.

Client errors

auth err - Login failed, login and passcode are required and either missing or incorrect.

destination unknown - Error when subscribing or sending messages the destination header does not match any of the configured queues or topics. This can also be caused by spaces in the headers. xtomp follows STOMP 1.2 recommendations and does not trim() headers.

msg flup - The message a client sent was too large. By default messages are limited in size to 1Mb, the limit is configured in xtomp.conf per destination.

len not +int - content-length header was provided but is not a positive integer.

id not opt - The id header is missing and is not optional for this message type.

ecg err - Client attempted a heartbeat configuration that the server does not support. E.g. asked for a heart-beat rate that the server considers too often. Typical heart-beat configuration should be 120000,120000 which is to send a heart beat every two minutes to keep the TCP connection alive.

syntax - Error processing STOMP protocol could be caused by a STOMP client library bug for example misplaced \0 in the frame or if client sends requests out of order, SEND before CONNECT.

blocked - Client tried to send a message to a destination that is read-only or subscribe to a destination that is write-only.

by teknopaul